Monday, September 6, 2010

Badminton in Bangladesh !

6th September 2010

The Game 'Badminton' was originated by the British during the time of ruling India Subcontinent. It was then played by the family members of Royal British Families on outside garden or in parks at afternoon. Although this Game was originated in India subcontinent it got very popular with the other parts of Asia like in China, Malaysia, Indonesia,Japan,Hong Kong,Korea in a short time. Recent years they are the rockers of Badminton and hardly leave a trophy to the rest world.
Now my topic is what's about Badminton in Bangladesh ?
How far I know it's a very popular game in Bangladesh during winter season when wind don't create a problem on shuttle for outdoor courts. Young Bangladeshi like to play Badminton during night time.It is mostly played outdoor there,indoor facilities are just in divisions and in Capital city Dhaka. It is widely played in all over Bangladesh including all educational institutions level starts from school,college up to University. Sometimes people in the rural areas hardly know that Badminton is an indoor game which needs to play in indoor ground. This is because there are less fund and foundation to elaborate the affinity of Badminton amongst the people. There is too less tournaments held there to say. Only National Badminton Championships and some other division level,District level tournaments cover the whole year.Even these tournaments are not very promptly held.
Another important reason is Media ! Bangladeshi Media doesn't like to broadcast Badminton at all, even the national ranked no: 1 player is rarely known to public there. Bangladeshi National ranked players participate some of international tournaments like Commonwealth Games,South Asian Games,World Championships in India etc.
Bangladesh Badminton Foundation(BBF) is the national organizer at Dhaka. Recently they have enforced some facilities for developing players from all the districts to train them by national coach at Dhaka indoor Badminton stadium. Also they include Badminton at BKSP (National Sports Council) level to train the Badminton beginners from the root.
Hope it works and someday someone wins  a BWF super series for Bangladesh.

Written by  Skybadminton's Author.

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