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Taufiq Hidayat's Profile

17th October

Taufiq Hidayat

BWF No; 10337
Name: Taufiq Hidayat
Birth year: 10th August 1981
Age: 29.
Birth Place:Bandung,West Java,Indonesia.
Nationality: Indonesian.
Handedness: Right.
Height: 1 m 76 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Coach : Mulyo Hundoyo.
Olympic: once (2004)
Recent won super series:
Top Ranking: 01 (2000)
Nature: Cool
Strongest Opponents : Peter Gade,Lin Dan,Chong wei
Best Tool: Backhand smash and defense.

Best performing years: 1999,2000

Lee Chong Wei's Profile -Updated

Lee Chong Wei's Profile        Skybadminton

BWF No: 50152
Name(full) : Lee Chong Wei
Date of Birth : 21st October 1982
Place of Birth : Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.
Nationality : Malaysian
Height : 1m 74 cm.
Weight : 60kg
Age of starting Badminton playing : 11 years
Handedness : Right
Type of game : Single (only)
Coach: Misbun Sidek
Ranking in the world : 2
Best Friends in Circle: Taufiq Hidayat
Successful years : 2008,2009,2010
Sponsored by : Yonex
Favorite Rackets : Few (Yonex)
Strongest Opponent ever : Lin Dan
Recent Series won : All England 2010
Nature : Cool boy.
Best tool : Physical Fitness.
Olympic : No times
Best performance in Olympic : Runner up in Olympic 2008 (against Lin Dan)
Hobby : Badminton
Wish : To win world championship and Olympic of course.

..........Next Upcoming 'Lin Dan's Complete Profile'


Badminton Clubs in UAE/ Badminton In Dubai

17th October

United Arab Emirates has now become a world destination. People from the whole world come here with purpose of Business,Entertainment,Sports and Livelihood . Badminton was not a popular game in UAE in past.After becoming a center of the English,Americans,Danish,Indians,Chinese and other south Asians,UAE has developed its Badminton in major cities like Dubai,Abu dhabi, Sharjah etc.Nowadays its getting popular day by day as Arabs are having interest in it.
List of the Badminton clubs in United Arab Emirates are below.

* India Club 
* Country Club
* Emirates English Speaking School Club 
* Dubal Badminton Club 
* Al Naboodah Badminton Club (heard they have 2 wooden courts)
* Pakistan Center Badminton Club (behind India Club)
* Al Jadeed Badminton Club (cemented floor)
* American School - they have 4 courts (I think)
* Cambridge School
* Dubai Port Badminton Club

* English Speaking School (2 wooden courts)
* Indian Association
* Pakistan Center
* Kaloori Badminton Club

Abu Dhabi
* India Social Center
* Pakistan Cultural Center
* Mafraq Hotel
* Malayalee Samajam
* ADCO Badminton Club
* Tourist Club 
* ADNOC Badminton Club
* Water & Electricity Club

These clubs are only indoor places for Badminton in UAE.. 
Ministry of Sports of UAE is helping to promote the game amongst Arabs and making fund for local and national tournaments. Badminton is a recognized game by UAE Sports govt. 
If Badminton really gets popular with the Arabs Dubai/Abu dhabi will surely offer for a BWF Super series like they have already organised for Cricket,Tennis,Golf and some other games in recent years.
.....will be continued...


Lin Dan's Profiles- Updated

17th October 2010

Lin Dan's Profile:                         

BWF No:50906
Name(Full) : Super Dan
Date of Birth : 14th October 1983
Place of Birth:Longyan, Fujian, China.
Nationality :Chinese
Age: 26
Height: 1 meter 78 cm
Weight:72 kg
Type of Game: Single only
Coach: ------
World Ranking:
Successful Years: 2004,2006,2007,2009
Sponsored by: Yonex, Li-ning, Fedex
Best Tool: Defensive method, Smash
Nature: No comment or Aggressive
Olympic : Once (2008)
Strongest Opponent ever: Lee Chong Wei, Chen Jin
Favorite Rackets: Li ning, Yonex
Handedness: Left
Recent super series won :