Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Badminton in Pakistan (Part 1)

9th September

Pakistan has become very famous in Cricket, Squash,Hokey since past years. Cricket is number one popular game here and whatever comes should be later to Pakistani people.Badminton is an indoor game and people can't just start it playing anywhere as like as cricket what they do. Whatever Badminton is also a very popular game in Pakistan. It is widely played all over the country in every province. There are so many Gymnasiums in Districts and provincial capitals with indoor Badminton courts for both boys and girls.Most of the time  Punjab and NWFP provinces dominate Badminton there. Pakistan Badminton Federation(PBF)Click here to see is the only national and international Badminton organizer of the country. PBF organizes different provincial,National, Inter-school,inter-college & Inter-University Badminton tournaments every year.Pakistan National Badminton team participates in some international tournaments like SA games,Commonwealth Games,Indian open,etc. They are still fighting to beat south Asian countries,so its still so far to hope any super series for them.....

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will be continued...............

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