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US Open badminton Grand Prix tournament 2010 in Orange

US Open badminton Grand Prix tournament 2010 in Orange

It demands running, jumping, twisting, coodination, stretching, quick reflexes, physical endurnce and no ball. It's the sport of badminton.

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On July 19th-24th, The Orange County Badminton Club, US Open Grand Prix Gold 2010 Tournament convened for competitors from all over the world vying for the grand prize of $120,000 US dollars. The venue was the Orange County Badminton Club of Orange County, located at: 1242 N. Main Street, Orange, CA, 92867. This competition consists of men and womens' singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.

Badminton, at the tournament level is fairly complicated. Each player is given points in each tournament they ever play in and these accumulate. These points create the players ranking in the world. This is tracked by the Badminton World Federation and the list is published every Thursday by them. These numbers are used to set up when and with whom each player will face during the tournament. This is called seeding. Seeding sets up the best players to play later in the contest, against each other in order to create outstanding finales. It also speeds up all the competitions within the tournament, keeping the best players from being eliminated too early. This is opposite of an "all play each other" system which takes enormous time and has no finale build up. That system is fine for learning any sport where the competition isn't professional or involving large quantities of money, sponsors and all important professional points accumulations. Seeding placement or who plays whom is published well before the tournament, thus building excitment well before opening day.

Simple scoring consists of 21 points and best two of three matches. If the match ties at 20, the winner will have two points more than loser. If the match ties at 29, the player who get to 30 win.

A "shuttle" replaces a ball. It is a light weight plastic or feathered item.

The winners of this 2010 US Open were as follows;
Men's Singles: Rajiv Ouseph Vs Brice Leverdez; 21-17 21-9
Women's Singles: Lin Zhu Vs Judith Meulendijks; 21-19 11-6 Retired
Men's Doubles: Chieh Min Fang & Sheng Mu Lee Vs Hung Ling Chen & Yu Lang Lin; 21-19 21-14
Women's Doubles: Wen Hsing Cheng & Yu Chin Chien Vs Rie Eto & Yu Wakita 21-8 22-20 

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