Saturday, October 2, 2010

Badminton in United Arab Emirates Part 2 (videos added)

3rd October

After my first article about Badminton in UAE,many visitors asked me about contacts details of Badminton Clubs in Dubai and Abu dhabi. It hints that Badminton is growing up in Dubai or in other parts of UAE and Lovers of Badminton are looking for nearby clubs for playing in every weekend. As Badminton is newly established in UAE,clubs are very few and their charges are sometimes too high to afford by the outsiders.Even the women who are working in Dubai being oversees want to play Badminton but insufficiency in facilities are kicking them out of their hobbies.
If anyone knows well about the clubs please add your comments with clubs contacts details.It would be pretty useful for others.

Here you see one Badminton Court in Dubai ( wooden floor)

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